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Preparation of concrete before acid and stole that's across the board on the area to be apart, wash acid etch off with water scrub water. So now after this is wet, accelerate the drying process for a wet vacuum cleaner. The Forney needs to be completely dry before that location of the first coating primer base coat their study type. It up situation president Randy corns, and also makes it easier with your squeegee big Harry. You have cover to two or three get some time Maggie together here, favorable the situation where this control joint would stay. You would get their backs on that point. Leaving me she's gon na go today, just move this back here, ready for cross roll. So this is the yarn here that we're doing here get a coverage at the top here. Just working back over, we get so much pressure. This time. Demonstration purposes show you two ways: we short space and start there pop it back. Ideally, just try and then drop it back. An ideal situation is before we would have the spikes on at this point, so you'd be out there in the middle, the spikes on and our thickening. The coding for then had total control of the process. Let'S go back here, so I see notice here, I'm leaving the roller on the ground. There'S no weight on the roller rollers doing its own work, cross it off on a directional now white on the roller again now I say you make a trench dawn saving categories. What, where campaign and that's it, maybe you paid that you wanted to have to put sports on you - want the appointive here. You'Ve just found lengthwise speeds basking, go this way check, we the same procedure and then you just click over the roller has not left the ground, flip it over and work. Slowly again, the top is brown in you. The process obvious even sparks on even pressure. How much easy this would be beautiful art I fish, okay, we'll do it pretty much? Hey God! Okay, here we are applying the top coat so again cut product in you come you know they say normally pump up for this, because it is a clear coat. However, if your coat is cheated, you would tape up again just to protect any leg painted surfaces that Carolla person in good saturation. Then years briefly tried surface at this point, you want advice, you get good coverage, don't worry about going up and down go into an end and W so you're putting a bit of angle on the roller. The reason why I do this is simply put you get better addition and thinner coverage with the product, so MN w to get a better coverage of the product and I'll show. You also can do it a different way. It'S been a smaller area, Novak this one cutter said, so we apply exactly the same principles as before. We want to deal with the cross role before we do that. We'Ve got good coverage at this point is where you distribute the sand, the non-slip, if that's the case and required now what you do you get your thumb and forefinger simply get a pinch and you throw it up in the air and I've done in a lot To achieve it's a good non-slip, this is really fine sand. Obviously bit bigger the grade. The more non-slip move on achieve it's a bit windy here and throw it out, so it doesn't land a big class see that's hanging in quite nicely there now any event. You'Ve got some parts that are more higher traffic or you can focus on those if there has been caught with a bit more sad, but in areas where it's underneath a cabinet, for example - and there isn't going to be any foot traffic, we wouldn't worry about putting Any silica in there, because you don't require this stuck down to the bottom, and we now need to lock it in to the top. So we're going to do that by back rolling the product, so we'll lock it in from the top, but we'll also balance out and talk one of the same processes previously and no weight on the raw you're walking the sand in from the top just quickly come Off there and just turn that around through getting your puss and that's it
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