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Three two one move: the cursor, hey, hey, you want to see me break this bro. What'S going on welcome back to a brand new vlog, I hope everyone is having a really good day so far and guys today we're breaking things a lot of a lot of things, things that that break a lot here. Let me show you so right here we have a bunch of different assortments of things we have. You know this. Is this glass cup some sprite, you know is why not got this nice little Bowl, just uh chefs something beautiful up it hey! You want a plate. Yeah big, oh thank you yeah. We also have plates too, and today we're going to be using this spray that is going to make everything indestructible so right here in front of me, this is a regular glass, as you guys can clearly see. This is something you would use to drink water out of from home and right here we have three glasses that we've already sprayed with this stuff called easy liner, and it's supposed to make whatever object. You spray invincible. Now I don't know how much that I actually believe, but that's why today we wanted to put that to the test in well. We we got a lot of stuff sprayed here as you as you can see. Should we break this glass yeah? I think we can 100 % okay, let's break it so guys right here we have the regular glass and we have the other glass here which is sprayed on with the easy liner, and so this one wasn't sprayed fully. If you actually look on the inside there, you can kind of see through it. I don't know if you guys could see that on camera, but it's not sprayed fully. So there's not even like a whole lot on this one. But let's just do a drop test. Shall we first, let's do the regular glass three two one. What at first like I got scared cuz it didn't break, and then you landed it. Oh yeah, yeah, okay, try again yeah yeah clock break part. Number. 2. 3. 2. 1. Well, there you go there. It is that yeah that was that one bro all right now, let's try the drop test on the adhesive spray glass cup here at please don't break cuz. This is gon na look real bad! Alright! Here we go drop test on the EZ sprayed cup. Three two one I mean we have more, okay, obviously the first glass I didn't even break the first time. But if you look at this one closely, you'll notice, I think the one thing that the EZ liner spray does is it kind of keeps everything together I mean you can kind of see like the whole bottom here is just still kind of like fixed together by The EZ seal, look, you can let it steep peeling off. So I think that's what makes it really strong. But, honestly, in today's video I really wanted to test out on different objects, because I don't think glass works well enough. I think we should move to some plates and see if those can survive a drop test better than these cups can see. So what do you know? You have to play yeah and this? Oh, my gosh just looks so cool, so we move on to the next one yeah yeah, alright catch. I got throw it like sideways. I got you ready, go it did break it. Didn'T break wait. Can you throw that again? I really wanted to like, but I just like smack it off yeah. Oh, oh, okay! I'M gon na throw it like this. Then, okay, okay, one two! Three! So we wait wait! I know something that can I can help them these designer, it's okay, little guy! It'S! Alright, we'll fix you up in no time everything's, okay, just say: what's up, please do you think he's gon na be okay, it's a pop bottle. I don't want to say I don't know, but for real this is not broken. Yet I have one more test with it: what's that well hold up there wait! Okay, so one thing is for sure that the plate definitely survived longer. You can literally look the easy liner has made like its own adhesive, like just like kind of tarp over everything. So far, it looks like that the glass in the plates are surviving a bit better than the glass in the cups. How about how about we try those pop cans now yeah, if you guys, are enjoying today's video so far, it makes you guys. Let me know by just dropping alike honestly: this is so cool. So far, I'm going to figure out what is the strongest material that we have here with this spray, so I mean you know it's kind of sad with some of these things break, but you know we're trying okay we're trying. Next, up, though, we have is the sprite cans, no, not not the ones that almost blew up over there, but we pre sprayed these ones. So these ones have already dried. Like my hands, aren't getting any of the easy liner on everything seems dry, except for the top. If you look at the top, you cannotice, it's still kind of wet. The top is definitely needs to dry, but I still will be okay to bro. This. Do you want to do it? Yeah you ready yeah, I'm ready. No, you wan na know something about me. You play baseball. I play baseball for six weeks. I know what I'm doing. Okay, alright you're right, yeah, I'm ready! It didn't break okay, so the sprite bottle. I didn't even break, but it did kind of form a little bit differently. You literally can't hear anything anything like listen. Do you hear that? No, I didn't think so. Oh my gosh! I want to shake it up and throw it that idea and then just like throw it over there. Okay, you ready yeah. Oh my gosh dude, ready, yeah, I'm ready no way, I don't think we're throwing it hard enough. Okay, at this point, you can literally tell this sprite bottle is destroyed. I mean look at this thing. All around the whole front is like deformed and bent honestly the backs kind of fine. It looks alright. I think we should do another baseball, for I think that's. I think one more baseball throw is gon na open this up. Yeah yeah, alright, hey fella, ready to go, I'm ready, don't swap my hand just just putting in another Bowl yeah try to aim for that like cement thing on the bottom like have it slide? Yeah. 3. 2. 1. Okay, hey, hey! I got a question for you. First, what's up, I thought you played baseball for six weeks, yeah six weeks, not six years. It'S okay, that we didn't put another hole in the wall, we're all right. How is this thing upright? Do you want to try and break this that you, okay, okay, here you just smash it below and just smash it? Okay, you ready, do you think it'll break? I honestly do look at how messed up this thing is already. I mean this thing seriously. I don't know how it hasn't exploded yet or even release like pressure like you know, and you're like open, like a can of soda. It'S like, and I got that sound, not nothing. Actually, my throat like right up against that ground. Okay, okay, ready, yep, wait! You said it again: I Bowl you play bowling yeah ready for the strike, yep, your god. Oh my gosh dude it open up at the top so nicely yeah. It literally looked like remember when you said it was gon na seal. It yeah. I think it honestly did and then I just the top just pop right up. Oh my gosh, that I mean you wan na drink. You know, I don't trust that I don't know not a good idea. Do not do that at home. So by far the sprite Ken has been lasting the longest. We wanted to try some light bulbs which we've already sprayed but we'll spray, some more real, quick, let's see if the light bulbs can do a drop test in comparison to the sprite Ken all right guys. So right here the light bulb has just ride. I literally have all this stuff, I think both of us, but we have all this all over our hands. Oh thanks bro, let's drop this and let's see if this can resist some of the force, just like the sprite bottle. Did this feels like a Christmas Christmas ornament? It sounds like it. Yeah like like it's glass, I just oh, no way dude. That literally sounds like it's plastic. I want to drop it on specifically on the glass. This is right here where the glass is for the bulb. 3. 2. 1 wrong. Why? Okay? What what do you do you ready baseball again, baseball another six? We practice yeah! Sorry, man, you ready, I'm ready three, two one. Do this thing's indestructible! I know something that can break this. What away have you ever seen a door slam? Yes, you sure I've never seen a door slammed on a lightbulb though well. This is what everybody. Let me redo that this is what you did break. This is what happened. Um you cut it in half, it didn't. Have us literally broke, like plastic dude, feel it it's like plastic. It turned the glass into plastic. Oh my god. It literally chopped up like the circuit board, for the light, like look. It'S just like cut right in half dude. That is in the same punch right again. Yes, let's do that. So when we were filming the intro, we were trying to use these Red Solo cups. Here, but they actually, the spray wasn't working on it. It was not like actually making any stronger, but while we've been throwing and messing around the other stuff, I think the spray dried - and this actually feels very hard. Let'S compare a regular Red Solo Cup to one with the spray sprayed and ride on it. First one is the Red Solo Cup. This one was easy, literally no force required, and I mean it's broken. I'M gon na use the exact same amount of force, but on this one, okay, a little bit more difficult but wait wait. We have another one to test out. Okay again, I'm gon na use the same force just on a different cup. Here three two one: yes, it was actually difficult at first it seemed you struggle a little at the very start it was like. Am i pushing down too much? It was like that actually kind of worked not as much as what the videos made it seemed, but that kind of worked, hey, Danny, huh, hey you wan na play a game, an easy game. It'S very simple: it's called bottle roulette we're gon na throw this back and forth whoever explodes on loses deal. You know what yeah you have to stand on one spot and I have to smack the play in front of you I'll play yeah. Okay, fine! Is this? The play you're gon na use the smash in front of me yeah all right. There. You go check out here: yeah, okay, so I'm gon na just toss it and land right in front you! Okay, are you ready, yeah? Oh my gosh, it's smooth! It'S like a plastic. This is it's literally, that was all glass you just smacked. My literally turns glass into plastic into plastic. No! No! That is yes, smart time, [, Music ], oh so, satisfied to move on in the next one. Cuz I've been saving this guy. You know, honestly, I don't really know how this one's gon na go. This could either break very easily or be indestructible. There'S only one way to find out. Let'S pray, we have a volcano in our basement. Now we have some time to kill. You want to play this game again rematch. Does that sound fair? Well this when this dries, you want to lose again. No, I'm not gon na lose again all right, ready. Three, two one! Oh whoa! Oh watch, this yeah, this one's gon na mess you up! Oh, Oh, No yeah, I play baseball, don't play I'll. Show you baseball past yeah! Yeah, hey, hey! Do you play baseball? I don't play baseball Andrew yeah who won again. You won. You won this one time, bro, I'm literally okay. I got ta go alright. Man I'll see you later, oh my gosh, I'm gon na be trippin, there's sprite in my hair. I know it's a white lady too only available what ugh boy hi-c, even with the stains on it, bro I'm still wearing it's still a perfectly great sweater, alright guys. So Andrews actually, but oh my God, look at the mess. Okay, so Andrews! Actually, I'm gon na go throw something at him because he's cleaning his face right now, I feel like we should grab another pop. Can you know what let's just grab a glass Andrew? Are you still cleaning your face? What'S up yeah everything, good yeah, you did. Can you look first there? What hey? Alright, you can clean that up. Um I'll talk to later man in life. We just resprayed the bull, the inside of the bowl here and we made sure to cover it with the EZ liner. So it is literally like a bedrock glass thing. You get it many many Minecraft fans, you guys. No, no, okay, long story short! This thing is gon na be indestructible, we're hoping for so yeah we've been doing multiple layers on that yeah. I know you were hungry. Oh yeah, Coria. Here at least we know our dinners gon na be safe for real these both pounds. Do you see that? Well, they're not broken. This was not broken. I mean now it's broke that okay, not enough plates. No, this one's not broken yeah, no free food brother! Second, it hit the wall. You saw that, oh, my god, yeah. Okay, honestly anything under that much force. I don't blame everybody watching this video. If you guys are at this point in the video right now, I need everybody to drop a like. I mean we shattered so much stuff here so far guys it's been a lot of fun and I really want to try some of the stuff again. Maybe we can make an easy liner base that would be sick. That would be cool, but the grand finale is here. Let'S shatter this massive ball, which honestly it's not exactly dry yet, but we put so many layers on this thing. It'S literally gon na take hours to dry, so we figured yeah, listen, let's just see if it works, three, two one yeah that did not last even a second, no, not even a second, ladies and gentlemen, and we're gon na be wrapping up today's video here. I hope you guys did enjoy honestly. This was a lot of fun and I really did enjoy this video if you guys enjoyed it. What you guys want to see some more makes you guys drop a like on today's video, if you guys haven't already subscribed and turn on the post notifications makes you guys do that, because I'm uploading vlogs four times a week, every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, so Make sure you guys turn on those post notifications, so you'll be notified when a brand new video comes up, but until then guys I'll catch. You guys in the next video take care. [, Music, ],
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